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I am an assistant professor at Furman University and an anthropologist of China with research interests on participatory media production, tourism, and the emergence of inequality. My primary fieldsite is in Southwest China where the Na people live in an ethnically diverse zone, and I have been heavily invested in collaborative projects with people and scholars from that region. Among those projects is a film called Some Na Ceremonies, filmed and edited by Onci Archei and Ruheng Duoji of Luoshui, China, and distributed by Berkeley Media. My publications include Cultural Heritage Politics in China, co-edited with Helaine Silverman (Springer 2013), and Doing Fieldwork in China...With Kids!, co-edited with Candice Cornet (NIAS Press 2016). In 2005 I helped Cool Mountain Education Fund get off the ground as one of the founding board members and have been a steadfast supporter ever since. I am currently vice president.