Celebrating Steve’s Retirement

This weekend, my students Luo Juan and Zeng Xiaoshun, both of whom visited Yangjuan last summer, CMEF vice president Tami Blumenfield and board member Kaitlin Banfill, and my collaborator Nuosu scholar Aga Rehamo, have organized a conference celebrating my career at the UW.  Board Member He Wenhai, another Nuosu scholar, will attend the conference also, on his first trip to the US.


He Wenhai (Yyhxo Vuqie)
He Wenhai (Yyhxo Vuqie)

As part of the conference and the celebration, we are organizing a drive for this year’s CMEF scholarship fund.  We need to try to raise $12,000, and we have contributions or pledges for $4500 so far.  It would be wonderful if many friends who read this blog would make a donation and help out!



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