Embroidered Clothing

Nuosu embroidery is another traditional handicraft of the Nuosu people—however, unlike lacquerware, embroidery is done almost exclusively by women. Although fewer girls in the towns and cities learn to embroider with skill, most young girls have had some experience decorating traditional clothes for festive occasions, and some continue on to become true artists with the needle.

Cape Traditional Cape – This is a traditional cape worn by both Nuosu men and women. It was made in Yangjuan village, by a mother of a student at Yangjuan Primary School. It is a blend of locally produced black wool, and store-bought black cloth. Imagine how the tassels sway as you walk along wearing it! Although stitched on an old treadle sewing machine, the embroidery is all done by hand. Because there is no embroidery floss available, women take thread and patiently twine it together until it is the desired thickness for their work.Dimensions: 27L w/ 21L tassels


Cape Traditional Grey Cape – Similar to the traditional embroidered cape above but in a beautiful slate greyDimensions: 27L w/ 21L tassels


Vest Traditional Women’s Full-length Skirt – From traditional ceremonies to going the market – Nuosu women wear this full-length skirt everywhere. Bright colors (pinks, yellows, and greens) are reserved for younger women, while darker colors (blue and violet) are generally worn by older women.


Vest Embroidered Women’s Vest – This traditional felted wool vest would be worn by an adult woman. It is lined with a cotton fabric sprinkled with hearts, and all of the vivid blue and green embroidery is done by hand—as are the matching button loops down the front.Dimensions: 26L x 20W (fits size 12/14 or smaller)


Vest Women’s vest (size 8/10) – These ladies’ vests are wool felt with cotton lining – the embroidery is all hand couched, and the button loops hand rolled. The cunning lime green buttons coordinate beautifully with the embroidery colors.


Pillows Embroidered Pillowcases (set of 2) – A modern cotton pillowcase with a traditional Nuosu design appliqué, created as part of a development project in Liangshan taking traditional skills and adapting them to non-traditional items.Dimensions: 13″x13″