Note: Kaitlin has just acquired for us 10 pairs of Nuosu dangly earrings. You can order them again now.


Nuosu Jewelry is one of the great arts of the Nuosu culture. Gold, copper, amber, coral, and various semi-precious stones feature prominently, but the real star is silver. It is expensive enough to show the wearer’s worth, but not too expensive for most people to own some. It is easy to work and durable, and shines beautifully against the dark-brown skin of people who live and work in the high mountain sunlight.

Silver Earings

Silver Flower Earrings (pair)

These silver earrings look like silver flowers and come in two sizes, small (1cm flower) and large(1.5cm flower).Right now we only have small

Silver Dangle earrings

Silver Dangle Earrings (pair)

The silver is considered very beautiful against the black hair of the Nuosu ladies, and the chime of the dangles echoes the sound that a beautiful woman makes when walking.


Saddle Rings

Saddle Ring

The saddle rings are so called because they resemble the saddles that the Nuosu use on their horses. They come in two sizes, with shorter saddles that are 3.5cm long and longer saddles that are 4.5cm long.Temporarily out of stock.



Red Stone Ring

Red Stone Ring

Red stone rings are classic pieces of Nuosu jewelry. The style of silver filigree with a stone is ethnically distinctive of the Nuosu.


Saddle Rings

Traditional Collar or Choker with Silver Buckle

This traditional collar worn at special occasions could be worn to dress up a dress shirt for a night out on the town or worn as a choker necklace



Hair and Pearls

This is part of the headdress for an unmarried woman – the black braided yarn is to mimic what a beautiful Nuosu woman’s thick black hair would look like.  The thick braided part would go over the top of the head, over the top of the embroidered rectangle of cloth (or towels) and the strings would tie in the back behind the girl’s real hair, hidden in her own braids, serving to keep the cloth on top of the head.  These days it is more popular for girls to use horsehair or synthetic wig fibers – this particular version is very ‘old school’ and traditional.