We’re back! Actually, we never left…

You haven’t heard much from us lately, but that’s about to change; this is the first in a series of blog posts about what Cool Mountain Education Fund has been doing, and actually we’ve been doing a lot. Here is a quick summary, and more detailed posts on each section will follow at weekly intervals.

Our Website has a new look. Thanks to the dedicated and creative efforts of board member Givens Parr, our website is up-to-date with new profiles of our mission, our history, our personnel Nuosu society and culture, and our past and current programs. Have a look.

Our pay-it-forward scholarship program continues, under the able leadership of board member Dr. He Wenhai (Yyhxo Vuqie). When schools re-open in March after the Han New Year holiday (as Nuosu people call it), we will be paying the second-semester installments of this year’s scholarships, and looking to recruit new recipients for the 2021-22 school year.

We’re continuing our girls’ hygiene education. Led by board member Aga Rehamo, graduate students from Sichuan Normal University College of Educational Sciences are continuing our programs in girls’ hygiene at Zeyue Elementary School in Xide County, with the support of Principal Ashuo.

We’re expanding trilingual education. Using textbooks prepared by Dr. Aga, our trilingual Nuosu-Chiense-English classes for fourth-through sixth-grade students at Zeyue Elementary school have now expanded to a second school, Jile Elementary in Puge County. Sichuan Normal University is providing support for this program along with CMEF.

So watch this space.. More details are coming in the coming weeks.

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