What We Do

The Cool Mountain Education Fund is a completely volunteer-led, non-governmental organization with a sustainable communities approach. Our board includes scientists and professionals in anthropology, environmental engineering, public health, economics, biomedical research, resource management, and education.

First and foremost, we aim to improve student outcomes. We seek to raise the enrollment of Yangjuan Primary School graduates in middle school, high school, college or a trade school where appropriate by providing scholarships to all qualifying students. In order to accomplish this goal, we strive for equity by ensuring gender parity in scholarship gifts, as well as by focusing on Nuosu students, families and community.  Along with equity, we are also driven to support higher quality education for more and better economic opportunities.  Yangjuan Primary School students need more preparation in early childhood, help to stay on track with their educational milestones, and more support to attain higher education. Students will also need to be prepared to contribute to the evolving Chinese and world economy. We continuously seek higher quality curriculum, more access to modern technology, resources, more innovative teaching methods and the means to provide these tools and support to the residential teachers. Where needed, we supplement teacher salaries to attract and retain our closest partners in providing higher quality education to students. Finally, we encourage teachers and students to use the shared, local knowledge of the Nuosu community to become more critical thinkers and informed citizens.

We embrace sustainable leadership. We believe that a generation of local, well-educated graduates is the best means to promoting sustainable development, and we are looking for ways to build the capacity of both local stakeholders (students, graduates, teachers, parents) and the board of directors in order to shift the fund’s leadership to the village in the long-term. We aim to be good stewards of all gifts by raising sufficient funds to have a meaningful impact in this community. We also aim to maximize the benefit of all gifts, by using low-cost and free web-based resources to manage CMEF operations.