About Nuosu Culture

The Liangshan region

The literal translation of Liangshan is “cool mountain.”  Our organization takes the name after this rugged region of high peaks and deep valleys in the southern part of Sichuan Province. Liangshan is one of the poorest areas in China; the rugged topography and the cool climate make both agricultural and industrial development very difficult.

The Nuosu Culture

Liangshan is the home of the two million Nuosu people, a distinctive ethnic group within the larger Yi nationality. For nearly two thousand years, Nuosu lived independently of any government in the fastness of the Cool Mountains; early Europeans called them the Independent Lolo. They live by farming, herding and forestry, and have developed rich ritual, ceremonial, and artistic traditions. Since 1956, Liangshan and the Nuosu people have been incorporated into the Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, an administrative unit of Sichuan Province.